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Stella Bodywork – in Luxemburg

When was the last time you really noticed yourself?

Hello, I am Stella and


I see you

I hear you

I feel you

Have you ever wondered why you are doing or not doing certain things?

How can it be that some people are not worried while others are racking their brains every day? Why do some people sacrifice themselves for their partner without success while others start the day together in balance? How come somebody have two children, while someone else is constantly struggling with miscarriages? Why is someone afraid to not have sex while someone else does not know how an orgasm feels? How can someone help others while someone else betrays them, even if it’s their own family?

What is this power that drives us to achieve our goals just as it tears and drives us into the abyss? The power that improves our quality of life and does not let us reach it?

Each of us is unique in its kind.

Through shared genes, education, experiences, social influences and the self-trained character, we form ourselves as a unique person.
Nevertheless, we all share the same nervous system that works in the same way.

We are all different and yet the same.

About Stella

Survivalartist and Selfrealization

Fascinated by questioning one’s own reality and questioning one’s own as well as the opinion of others. The urge to trust the intuitive primal instincts and to integrate them into conscious situations. To feel comfortable in the female as well as in the male energy and to convey the understanding of the importance of the balance of both forces. To develop deep empathy that allows me to illuminate people as well as situations on a neutral basis in different perspectives. Understanding human needs as well as human instincts such as sexuality allows me to recognize and visualize well-rehearsed and routine patterns of behavior.

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You do not see the world as it is,
You see the world as you are.


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 10:00 am
 July 7, 2018
 Belvaux, Sassenheim, Luxemburg


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 10:30 am
 March 22, 2020

Be yourself
everyone else is already taken.

“Oscar Wild”