About Me

Survival artist and self-realization

Fascinated by questioning one’s own reality and questioning one’s own as well as the opinion of others. The urge to trust the intuitive primal instincts and to integrate them into conscious situations. To feel comfortable in the female as well as in the male energy and to convey the understanding of the importance of the balance of both forces. To develop deep empathy that allows me to illuminate people as well as situations on a neutral basis in different perspectives. Understanding human needs as well as human instincts such as Sexuality “allows me to recognize trained and experienced patterns of behavior and make them visible.

Each of us is unique in its kind.

Through shared genes, education, experiences, social influences and the self-trained character, we form ourselves as a unique person. Nevertheless, we all share the same nervous system that works in the same way.

We are all different and yet the same.

Because what drives us all without exception are needs. Each of us wants to satisfy the 6th human needs, consciously as well as unconsciously.

1. Safety
2. uncertainty
3. Significance
4. Connection / love
5. Growth
6. Contribution / participation

Besides these needs, we are used to creeping our own truth. We often assume that the pictures we present in our head are true, even though they have not happened yet. We assume that other people should be able to read our thoughts after all. We are afraid to ask or take a step because we have already formed the consequences in our minds before they happened and kept us from communicating and achieving our goals.

As we become aware of these needs and our reality, we become calmer and can communicate our feelings and needs more relaxed. We become clearer and more orderly in the head. We can deal with conflicts faster and more relaxed and less stressful. We learn to process traumas, to accept them and to pull our strengths out of them.


Be Free – Love Yourself

A smal part of my my Life:

As a toddler, I was a very bright, inquisitive child, interested in everything.
The first contact with abuse and rape have slowly changed my view of the world. After I was put on the stamp Borderline with different subcategories, the view of the self-image changed completely.

The move to Freiburg in Breisgau started a new chapter in life. I came into contact with new people, new perspectives and alternative ways of life … I started to get to know myself. I found a job that was just as fulfilling as my partnership, and so the years went by.

I became curious and was ready for new challenges. I decided to come to Luxembourg and open a new branch with my work.

In 2016, fate hit and I had an emergency surgery because of an unseen tubal pregnancy in Freiburg. I just won the fight with life. The near-death experience and losing a child, as well as the feeling when someone removes some of your femininity parts from your body, were very profound for me.

The second blow came just 1 month later when it was found out that I had a double pregnancy and that’s why I probably would not get well and stop the medication.
How to deal with abortion when you have no choice and your life depends on it? This was a factor for me as well as the feeling that I did not know enough about the after effects. This time I was fully aware of what happened to me and my body.

A partnership is put to the test at such moments and the question of whether it can survive these very emotional and physical strains.

It was time for a fresh start. I slowly rebuilt myself, processed trauma and what happened to me.

I often sit on the terrace of my rented apartment, with a cup of tea in my hand and let the sun shine in my face. Life goes on, sometimes it takes us miles from the comfort zone, sometimes it only shows us hopeless ways and yet everything that happened is long gone. I have decided to enjoy life and learn from it and accept it.


Now – is already over

My educational path:

2018 Pendulum Workshop by Edouard Beicht

2018 Training fertility massage after Brigit Zart in Berlin

2018 Theta Healing Basic to Vianna with Claudia Heinke
2017 Education Sex therapy and sexual counseling with Stefan Leschner
2017 Reiki degree 1st with Tom Friedrich
2015 The birth of Stella Bodywork in Luxembourg
2015 Training as Emotional Body Therapist in Berlin
2015 Training fertility massage after Brigit Zart in Berlin
2014 LSC-Level1 Access to the profession of businessman in Luxembourg
2014 Academy of Sports and Spine Gymnastics Trainer in Hamburg
2014- 2015 Collaboration with Honeygarden Hamburg as Depiladora and trainer
2014 joined Wax In The City in Hamburg as Depiladora
Since 2013 training as Sexological Bodyworker after IISB in Zurich
2013 Collaboration as tantra and wellness masseur at WomMan in Emmenbrücke (Switzerland)
2013-2014 cooperation as tantra and wellness masseuse in Flowingpleasure in Hamburg
2013-2014 cooperation as Wellness Masseur in Float in Hamburg
2013 Collaboration as Tantramasseurin in the Art of Touch in Hamburg
2010 Training as Ayurveda Masseur
2009 Training as Wellness Masseur
2009 training as aroma therapist
2008 Training Hot Stone / Cold Stone Massage
Since 2008 participation as Tantramasseurin and Wellnessmasseurin in the Studion Flow in Freiburg and training as well as further education as Tantra- and Wellnessmasseurin in Freiburg
2008-2013 studies graphic designer in Freiburg completed
2008 Voluntary work at the Ceramic Studio for the Blind in Mersch, Luxembourg
2003-2008 work in the project “peer-mediation” in the Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers Luxembourg
2003 – 2008 Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers
10th and 11th grade emphasis art, 11th and 12th grade emphasis Expression Plastique
2004 Training as a Peer-Médiateur (Arbitration, Conflict Resolution, Constructive Communication) in Luxembourg