Alternative support for the desire to have children

Desire to have a baby is one of the topics that comes to mind of many couples at some point in life. Often we experience that it does not work right away. Soon you will be advised on the possibilities of artificial fertilization but rarely on alternative ways that can be supportive.

With my work, I would like to take the pressure and fear of the couples for their desire to have children and support them in alternative ways. Often there are still unspoken topics in the room or fears in the mind of  women as well as men. In womens case, it often happens that the cycle has not yet found its natural flow after stopping the pill and the hormone production is not yet completely new.

The longer couples have been unsuccessful with this desire, the greater the pressure and often men are just as tense as women and without realizing they loses the feeling for the body.

I would like to reunite the couples with the initial ease. Help them to relax again and to offer with alternative massages and counseling in a relaxed and receptive atmosphere.

There is more serenity and togetherness again, both of you can get more involved in the joyful welcome of a new soul in your life, whether natural or as a support for artificial methods.

I am pleased to accompany you.

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