At this point some of the frequently asked questions should be answered. If your question is not listed, i invite you to write me over the contact form.

General questions

You can book an appointment via the contact form on the respective page. Please indicate your possible days for the appointment, the type and the length of the session. If you would like a personal consultation, simply ask for an appointment for your personal telephone or Skype call via the contact form.

The session will be paid in cash. You are also welcome to pay in advance by bank transfer (or Paypal / DigiCash). You can cancel free of charge until 2 days before the appointed date. If you cancel the day itself, the night before or do not show up, the full Session will be charged.

Adolescents who have had bad or traumatic experiences can request an appointment with the consent of their parents. The earlier you trade, the sooner you can let go and take your life in a positive way.

From the age of 18, you’re an adult and can decide for yourself how you want to shape your life.

Basically, the line between counseling and therapy is fluid, just as the transition from “I’m healthy” to “I’m sick” is fluid.

Counseling and coaching are seen as preventative and aimed at healthy people. It forms a support to better solve everyday, partnership or professional problems. You will be supported in developing your solution competence and developing your own solution approaches. It is also about promoting your personal development and empowering you to take full advantage of your (change) potential.

Therapy is aimed at ill people and has the goal to provide a reliable diagnosis of the disease, and then to cure them.

As we become more and more categorized as healthy or ill in this day and age, it is essential that we learn to consciously re-perceive life and get to know ourselves better. So we can actively use opportunities to actively set the course for a healthy life.

In order to be able to offer our customers a good session, an anamnesis is created for new customers. The anamnesis sheet will not be given to third parties and will only be used for our purposes. This form contains questions about your health and questions that may be important to the session. This allows us to respond to your personal needs.

Everything is there. (Bath and hand towels, shower gel and shampoo, hair dryer, comb, hygiene products for women)

So that we can offer you a high standard of hygiene, the room and the bathroom are cleaned after each session. If you notice something, we look forward to receiving suggestions for improvement.

We use only natural oils with organic quality. It is important to let us know if you have allergies to certain types of oils, for example: Almond, jojoba, sesame. Our detergent and cleaner also corresponds to environmentally friendly lines.

Everyone can take the sessions. If you are physically restricted, we kindly ask you to provide us with further information in advance and in a telephone or Skype call we determine to what extent a session is possible.

House and hotel visits are not possible. Please note that our sessions are not an open or hidden invitation to sexual intercourse.

You would like to work on your situation and improve your life? But are you currently a student or do not earn so much? Please tell me this in your message.

Questions about bodywork

I work with different methods, individually and with the consent of the client or couple. For each client or couple, an amnamesis is created in which period of life he is and what he wants to achieve. Methods of counseling, coaching, massage, touch coaching, meditation, intimeditation, intimapping, pelvic floor training, prostate massage, …. can include session content.

The sessions are part of a learning process and do not offer an open or hidden invitation to sexual interchange. They are supportive in order to go into their own processes, to work on traumas or as prevention. It is not intended that the client will take any active part in any form or meaningful for successful treatment.

The session may take place dressed or undressed for the client. This depends on the agreement discussed in the preliminary interview, as well as the well-being of the client. It is important to us that you feel well, so you can undress as far as you want. In the preliminary discussion, this will be taken up again.

Many women have had negative experiences in the field of sexuality in their lives. Pressure, transgression and violence are just a few examples. Many women feel shame and do not talk about their experiences, but try to suppress it. They lose the desire for sexuality and so often arise in the beginning lustful partnerships that pass into sexless platonic relationships after some time. In a sheltered room, a woman can regain contact with her female nature. Feeling yourself and your body without the feeling of having to do something. Learning to say no and communicating boundaries clearly. Step by step to allow sensuality and to discover her female potential.

A session for couples is something very special, because you want to look into the future together and show how important the partner is. In a consultation is discussed only where the common goals and wishes are. Whether this is the understanding of the other person’s body or whether one wants to learn how to deal with, communicate and touch one another.
In a neutral space where it is easy to say what you want to express, a very deep and loving approach to the subject of sexuality can take place. Understanding the partner to learn something to do something good brings new heartfelt feelings and makes couples grow together even closer.
Most couples discover how relaxed and free sexuality can be lived without focus on the act, and can thus, step by step, approach again. The new perspective on sexuality offers new ways to explore and live it out.

The touch of the Yoni / Lingam is sexually afflicted for many people. This does not have to be. Intimate touches can also be meditative and lovingly devoid of erotic and sexual purpose. Very few people know this form of touch. Very few women have ever experienced this form of touch, and it can be very healing. In the meditative touch deep-seated injuries can be directed into positive, deep relaxation and a sense of peace. In the passive, they have the opportunity to feel in themselves and to re-establish contact with their femininity. Many experience these touches as liberating or as deep, happy relaxation. How does it feel to not have to be a man? To feel long meditative touches without erotic and without pressure to use the orgasm? Few men do not know the feeling of just letting go and feeling. They have learned to masturbate quickly and “need to” when the woman is ready. The potential to simply “not have to be ready” for the feeling of relaxation and relaxation is an emotional confrontation for many men. Many experience this kind of touch as very relieving and then feel new power in your body. It creates a new connection with your own sexuality and a new way of living with your partner. The theme of the intimate touch is so large and diverse that we can not explain everything in detail here. You are welcome to write questions about your topics via the contact form or you can participate in one of our lectures, workshops or seminars.

The prices reflect the effort, which are oriented in every respect to the highest standards and allow us to give you a session that will guarantee your absolute satisfaction. Here is a short list of features that regular customers appreciate: High-quality massage equipment: The lounger is a custom-made product, which can easily be used for medical treatments and the corresponding hygiene standards. Highest standard of hygiene in every respect, whether it be utility textiles or premises. High-quality, exclusively cold-pressed, skin-caring and pure vegetable massage oils from organic farming without any additives such as perfume or preservatives. The general use of naturally pure biological products. No time pressure and no hassle: It’s all about you and your well-being and it is always completely tailored to your needs. Well-founded training and we continue to train ourselves. We work with passion and dedication. The prices include TVA

A session within the framework of bodywork and intimate contact offers the space to feel oneself, to go into one’s own processes and to work on traumas. We learn to feel and that nothing has to be. What does it mean to us? The experience of being touched on the whole body without a goal? A deep bond with oneself and the inner child. Negative experiences (such as abuse, sexual trauma, sexual problems, …) can be positively changed in a gentle way. The giver is dressed in the session. In the erotic massage, as the name implies, eroticism is in the foreground. You will receive a nice massage with happy ending. If you are looking for this, you are wrong and we wish you all the best in your further search.

The profession of Sexological Bodyworker IISB is regulated and works according to a code.

Professional Ethics