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Shake yourself free!

Shake yourself free!

You feel paralyzed by all the news and what’s going on in the world right now? Feeling an inner turmoil…the development of the economy scares you?

We can’t change the world this evening, but we can reconnect with ourselves to regain strength. Strength that we need to help ourselves and others. Strength to not fall into a feeling of powerlessness even in hard times.

On this evening we shake off everything that paralyzes us, makes us afraid and the restlessness that is in us. We connect with our body and go into the feeling. Through feeling, we come into calmness and become clearer again.

What should you bring:
Comfortable clothes
Yoga mat, blanket
Pen & paper

Prerequisite & info online:

Space: an undisturbed place with space to move around. As well as the ability to listen while moving freely around the room.
Comfortable clothes, yoga mat, blanket.

Punctuality: To ensure a protected space, no one will be added after the event has started.
This event will not be recorded.

The event will be held in Zoom. If you don’t know Zoom yet, you can find all the information and how to install and use Zoom at this link.

When: 24.03.2022
Time: 21:00-22:00
Where: online
Language: german
Investment in your relationship: 14€

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