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Cuddleparty September

Cuddle party in Nommern

Sunday, September 24, 2023 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m

Stellabodywork starts a classic cuddle party in Nommern.

What is a cuddle party?

A cuddle party is a room in which only unintentional touching takes place. We limit ourselves to non-erotic touches, i.e. stroking, scratching, kneading, holding, cuddling, etc. These rules allow everyone to feel safe, and gender plays a subordinate role. The focus is on the oxytocin rush!
At the beginning we will warm up and get to know each other with a few little fun exercises. Then we practice feeling our limits and answering yes and no to the other person. We then plan a few relaxed exercises where we spoil each other with touches. Now there is a short break with snacks. You are also welcome to bring something for the snack bar. In the last part there is the free snuggle where we will make a big snuggle pile.
Stella from Stellabodywork will be in charge.
Place: 17, rue du Knapp L-7465 Nommern
Time: Arrival from 14:45 (time to change) Start 15:00 finish approximately 18:00. (bring a bit more time if we finish a bit later)
What to bring: Comfortable clothes to cuddle with. I like to come freshly showered, at least smelling good (without too strong artificial perfume/deodorant)
Price: 30 euros.
We look forward to your registration

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 17, rue du Knapp L-7465 Nommern