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How difficult it is to define Tantra!

I regularly ask myself the question and the only answer that has satisfied me so far is that of an immersion in the Tantra Universe. It is indeed a direct experiment.

I therefore welcome this new opportunity which presents itself to me to share this vision during a collective exploration.

This will take place in a benevolent, respectful, free and confidential space in which the participants are invited to contact their “divine” part (Shiva and Shakti) via different tantric techniques (breathing, mantras, visualization, emotions, meditation, to touch).

Tantra is a way of Self-realization, therefore first of all individual and it is pleasant to share in a group.

I therefore offer you a full day of tantric practices:

§ Energy, vibrations and resonances: I sing mantras
§ Tandava, the dance of Shiva: I meditate in movement
§ Enjoyment, slowness and sense: I eat lunch differently
§ the Gift, the Grace: I breathe
§ Expansion: I visualize myself
§ Yoga of touch: I contact the body

* Date: 22/03/20
* Time: 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
* number of places limited to 6 people
* no prerequisite necessary,
* Open to all,
* Kindness, Respect & Explorations
* Soft & comfortable clothes
* Information and registration via eric@untantraaparis.com or +33 (0) 7 70 25 20 51
hello@stellabodywork.com or +352 691469990
* Location: to be announced
* Abundance participation
– 220, – € / day / pers. (including tantric lunch) and 200, – € / day / pers. if you are two

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