Ciao, my name is Eric!
I come from France and I travel back and forth to supplement my knowledge with new research. I also like to share the results with other life explorers through both personal sessions and workshop and stage.
I support, accompany and care for people so that they can gradually evolve, change and blossom according to their rhythm. With the goal to feel good in life!

“The Tantric massage is aimed at all women who are looking for (re) discovery of their bodies, for awareness, intimacy, breath, respect, femininity, strength …
It is a relaxing journey, initiated by the hands touching the whole body, calm, emotional, breathy, intuitive; sensually and energetically activating. The breasts are included and touched extensively, as well as the entire outdoor area of the yoni. Sensuality, energy, cocooning emerge through sliding and kneading movements and passing light touch. Lust and sensory centers are awakened and enlivened.
Women are invited into a space of sensuality, dance, yoga and meditation.

Working days and times:

30th May. 2018 à partir de 17:00

31 May 2018 10:00 – 19:00


Language:  French, English, German, Italian


Wellness Massage  1,0 hrs. 80 € incl. TVA


Massage Cashmere  2,0 hrs. 250 € incl. TVA

Massage Cashmere  3,0 hrs. 350 € incl. TVA

Massage Cashmere  4,0 hrs. 450 € incl. TVA


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