Therapeutic prostate massage

The prostate “man” does not like talking about it, but it is a very important part of the male organism. Because she is responsible for a balanced sexuality and for a good quality of life into old age. However, more and more men are seen suffering from prostate cancer or erectile dysfunction. Usually it is only talked about when it has long influenced life in a negative way. An examination and the idea of ​​a prostate massage are associated with negative feelings.


How can I imagine a session?

In quiet Athmopshäre we discuss in a preliminary discussion what your concern. Then you can freshen up briefly. The massage can take place on the massage table or, if necessary, on the futon. First, the pelvic floor muscles are loosened, then massaged the outer anal area and the prostate from the outside. The inner anal area is then loosened and prepared before the actual prostate massage begins. At the end you have some time to rest and in a follow-up talk we discuss how you are doing and the further procedure.


For whom is the prostate massage suitable:

  • for men who want to do something prophylactically for their health
  • Prevention of prostate disease and cancer
  • Strengthening of the prostate musculature in erectile dysfunction
  • Strengthen and maintain the libido
  • Increasing the well-being and rediscovering one’s own body
  • For prostate enlargement
  • Prostatitis
  • They are sexually inactive
  • Urinary incontinence


Important: The prostate massage is not an erotic service and is considered as a prophylaxis and follow-up treatment of various problems.

1 Std. – 150€

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