Tao Massage

Tao Massage:

Tao massage is based on the Chinese philosophy of life, the Chinese Tao. It is believed that all energies in the body must flow freely and harmoniously in order for us to remain healthy and relaxed.

Pure deep relaxation

This massage is not so much aimed at discomfort, but more at general deep relaxation and recovery. The goal is to bring the recipient back to his center, using your own methods. It acts like a ritual.

Tao-massage uses a choreography, which in repetition brings you to a state of relaxation. The touches are very delicate and gentle and therefore cannot be compared with usual massages. The massage is intended to address the masculine as well as the feminine in us. and bring it into harmony.

The massage is also called “Little Buddha”.

The Taomassage is based on the following: Attunement, preparatory meditation, massage, tracing.

1,0 hrs. – 150€

1,5 hrs.  – 220€

2,0 hrs. – 280€


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