Sex therapy and counseling

Sexuality is one of the basic needs of life, it shapes our character and our interpersonal relationships. If our sexuality is unbalanced, it affects many areas of our everyday lives.

This starts with the education of adolescents. In later life this can lead to communicative misunderstandings, shame and reduced self-esteem, among other things. Even traumatic experiences can greatly affect our sexuality and our lives.

Many have experienced emotional trauma through separation, disappointment, or transgression, building on this experience fears, shame, and taboos. We resist these blockages in everyday life and miss opportunities to live our lives to the fullest.

Not only past experiences can influence us, today’s pressure to perform and the media can manipulate us by showing us a picture that we unconsciously expect from our counterpart.

Through somatic counseling I want to help women, men and couples to better understand and develop their sexuality in order to experience more freedom in their lives.

By being able to name the topics by name in a protected space and to talk about intimate concerns, you learn to express yourself freely, without fear of evaluation. Get to know and communicate your sexuality and your needs better.
Together we strengthen your personality development and your sexual communication.


Reasons for a sexual consultation:

  • Sex education
  • listlessness
  • erectile dysfunction
  • Excitement and orgasmic difficulties
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Losing sexual desire in the partnership (eg, lifebreak, childbirth, bereavement, illness, …)
  • Questions about sexual orientation
  • etc.


You have no way to come over or do not dare ??

Then you can also get advice from your usual environment by Zoom conference. This gives you the opportunity to receive my help and advice wherever you are in the world. I have an open ear for you and am pleased to advise you.

The advantage is that I can offer Zoom support not only in Luxembourg but worldwide.

1,0 h – 150€

1,5 h – 225€

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