Womb Session for women

Why do not I live my femininity? Why i don´t feel pleasure?

Why am I in pain? Why do I feel so cramped?

Why am I restless? Why can not I forget what happened?


Many women carry wounds, injuries and old traumas. Almost every second woman has experienced sexual harassment or worse in your life. In addition, many are not properly informed and were educated with old stigmata of the woman.

For some women, the lap room is like a black spot on the map, others are in constant pain and yet others do not want to look and have no contact. For some women it is a tool to keep a man in the relationship, others try again and again because you believe that it could be nice. For some women it is a means to punish themselves or just to have a child. There are many ways we handle our womb.

However, many women experience frustration and leave more and more. Phrases like “I do not need that.” “It’s not so important” are used to mostly unconsciously close.

That does not have to be. Most women simply have not experienced what incredible potential they have. You have not experienced what a gift and what a power you have in you. How perfect, satisfied and easy you can feel. The lap space healing brings women back into contact with your female elemental power. Injuries are healed and big and anger are solved.

We become more confident and learn to deal better with male energy. We learn to say “no” and what we really want. We learn to surrender without giving up. We learn to enjoy and connect with the male instead of fighting.


Womb healing is for women and teenagers:


  • Have made abuse experiences
  • Have experienced rape
  • Do not feel your intimate space
  • Have no fun with sexual intercourse
  • Have pain during intercourse
  • Feel listlessness
  • After the birth of a child
  • Have menstrual pain
  • Do not feel feminine
  • Feel shame
  • etc.


I look forward to accompany you on your way to connect with your femininity and to perceive you as a strong self-confident woman. Discover your potential and fully enjoy your life.


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Bodywork and energetic healing from 1,0 hrs. 140 € incl. TVA

every further hour.  120 € incl. TVA



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