Private Workshops for everyone

Private workshops enable individuals as well as couples to enter into an intensive learning process. You can immediately ask all your questions, have fast successes through the intensive support and can develop freely in a protected space. I offer workshops on various topics. I work with models who know your body well and give competent feedback. So you can be sure that you reach your learning goals honestly and with the right practice.

If you have a concern that is not in our workshop list right now, feel free to contact me.


In order to optimally prepare for the workshop, you should think about the following questions.

  •  What expectations and wishes do I have?
  • What do I want to focus on in the workshop? Which area interests me especially? (e.g., woman’s anatomy, creating sensual atmosphere, yoni massage)


Topics for workshops

  • Couple massage for home use
  • Intimate Meditation: Relax without pressure
  • Non-verbal communication: How do I know what you want? How do I know what he wants?
  • Intimate Massage: Yoni Massage / Lingam Massage
  •  Enlightenment workshop: enlightenment man / enlightenment woman
  • Prostate massage: How do I do it right?
  • Masturbation: Enlightenment. How do I know what I want?
  • Selbstliebe Workshop: I want to love myself but how? Discover the goddess in you.
  • Tantric Massage Basic, Level1, Level2, Intimate Touch, Wave-Motion, Rituals
  • Pelvic massage


The prerequisite for the workshop

In order for the perfect conditions for the workshop are given, it is important a 15min. Talk by Skype or in my rooms to book. In the conversation you can express your questions and interests. So I can make sure that the sympathy is right and a relaxed atmosphere will arise.

Price on request