Tantra Session

The art of massage has always been practiced, developed and transmitted from generation to generation by many cultures. It is said to have a healing effect, certainly not without reason. Not only does it help with back tension, it can do much more in the context of a learning process or therapy.

One of the most famous massages that works with the perfection of the hole body is the tantra massage. I myself work in the sessions with the relaxation of the whole body, the feeling of really letting go of everything. Exercise and breathing are a very important part here. The body experience is the focus here. Every massage is unique and you should get involved without waiting for this intuitive experience


Through the touch, we sensitize the body and let it feel. By breathing, we let new energy flow into the body. Through active and passive moments, we bring the body into its balance. This interaction with many other small influences forms a unity to guide the body through various stimuli.

The basic sexual energy is activated and incorporated to gently revitalize the entire body. Here is the relaxation and the “pure in the body feel” in the foreground. How does it feel to be touched without a sexual background? How can intimate touch feel without a goal and without pressure? How can sexual energy feel without intimate touch? Because even here, no intimate touch must take place.

The body is experienced as a whole.



Topics for a Session

  • You want to feel yourself again
  • You just want to turn off your head completely
  • You want to experience positive experiences with intimate touch
  • You have shame and want to learn to deal with nudity
  • You had no contact for a long time
  • You have the feeling that without pornography nothing works anymore
  • You feel like somethings missing but don´t know what
  • etc.


Expiration of a session

  • preliminary
  • Shower (if desired)
  • Massage
  • Rest time
  • Shower
  • Discussion

Investment session per hour 250€

Plan an additional 30min for the stay to avoid stress.


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