Holistic Bodywork (Massage)

Holistic Bodywork is a massage that sees the body in its entirety. It has no specific procedure but is specifically adapted to the problems and the clinical picture of the customer.

For who is the massage ?

For all people who want to deal more deeply with their problems in the body and improve. Our body talks to us, but we do not listen, it starts to hurt. If the pain continues to be ignored, he will always find new ways to attract attention. In the massage, we take the time to look at exactly where the pain is, where we can provide support and relief to the body. Time plays a big role here. The intensive treatment gives the body enough time to completely break away from everyday life and to activate its self-healing powers.

Some examples of massage support:

  • After an operation to repair the posture again
  • To reduce fibromyalgia
  • chronic back, neck pain
  • joint pain
  • if you are very stressed
  • Burn out
  • Depression
  • etc.


Supporting the massage, the aromatic oil is freshly mixed according to your needs.

Holistic Bodywork Session  1,0 hrs. 150 €

Holistic Bodywork Session  1,5 hrs. 220 €

Holistic Bodywork Session  2,0 hrs. 280 €


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