Fertility massage

The fertility massage according to Brigit Zart

The fertility massage provides a gentle support for women who want to have children, after a miscarriage or generally problems with the female organs. But even without specific problems, women can do something good with the fertility massage.
In a sheltered room, a woman can come into contact with her femininity and find the opportunity to express hidden feelings, desires, questions and longings.
I accompany you sensitively, with respect and respect for the female body and its peculiarities.

Where does the fertility massage come from?

The fertility massage was originally developed by the American healer Joseph Bestford Stephonson. Later, London gynecologist Dr. Gowri Motha continues the method. Brigit Zart brought the method to us in the German-speaking area.
However, the knowledge of these techniques is much older and has been used worldwide for millennia.


The massage has a supportive and harmonizing effect on the following topics.
Accompaniment and support with IVF or ICSI
after a miscarriage
menstrual cramps
Irregular cycle
Hormone fluctuations
after a birth or stillbirth
after a cesarean section
after removal of uterus, fallopian tubes and / or ovaries
after abdominal surgery
Spermiogram of the male partner

Procedure of a fertility massage

Beginning with a detoxification stimulation by stimulating the lymph nodes on the neck and kidney reflex zones as well as the back and the liver, a gentle massage of the abdomen follows, strengthening and cleaning the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries, which has a positive effect on fertility.
This massage can also be used by the male partner to improve the sperm program. Here the detoxification is important – the abdominal massage is replaced by a stimulation of the prostate.
In everyday life men can uncomplicated this massage grip, e.g. during morning showering, apply independently. I am happy to provide an illustrated manual for this purpose.
For the massage, an olive oil or alternatively almond oil from certified organic cultivation is used, mixed with a specially developed for the fertility massage added essential oil.The massage lasts about an hour.

Impact of fertility massage

Relaxation in general and especially of the female organs is a beneficial result of fertility massage.
Loving treatment of oneself, one’s own femininity and one’s own body, especially in the phase of the desire to have children, can be strengthened by the massage.
The massage can also support the healing process after operations of female organs and / or the abdomen.
Menstrual problems, an irregular cycle and hormone fluctuations can be positively influenced by the massage.

Frequency of implementation

A massage cycle of 6 weeks each with a gap of one week is recommended.
This treatment frequency has so far achieved the best results.
However, if we listen attentively to our body, it will ultimately set the pace for us, we just have to pay attention to our needs.
The fertility massage can also be used by the male partner to improve the sperm program. In men, this massage should be done over a period of several months, especially if you want to improve sperm quality.You do not need to bring anything, recommended is comfortable clothing.A massage is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatments, but is complementary to and supportive of psychotherapeutic treatments.

First appointment : 1,5 std.  – 180€

Follow-up appointment: 1,0 std. – 150€


After the first appointment the following options are possible:

5 appointments  750€ -> 700€

6 appointments 900€ -> 840€

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