Bossy Session

The Bossy Session is a practice for the receiver in asking for how they want to be touched. Nothing happens except exactly what they ask for. As the receiver, you get to learn that you are in charge of how you are touched, which counters the tendency to go along with whatever is done.

It can be uncomfortable – and can also be luxurious – or some of both.

This massage is suitable if you

… want to change the fear of being touched.
… want to learn to perceive your body better.
… want to learn to say what you want.

Especially suitable for people who have experienced assaults. 

In this session you can experience what it feels like to be able to decide for yourself where and how you want to be touched. It gives you the opportunity to learn to perceive and communicate your own limits, needs and wishes. It iwll give you the feeling of freedom of choice back and also strengthens your self-esteem.


First appointment 90min – 180€

Follow appointment 60min – 150€

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