Bodywork Session

What is Bodywork


Bodywork is an effective treatment and technique to work on sexual problems of all kinds. With their help, however, one’s own sexuality can be intensified independently of any difficulties. Bodywork can help to reinterpret, discover and develop sexuality.

Bodywork accompanies you through physical and emotional blockages. Bodywork enables you to explore your own sexuality and to get to the bottom of orgasm problems. It works with body and mind alike.

The individual sessions use different techniques. Essential aspects of these techniques are breathing exercises and communication. But also touch and physical aspects are not too short.

For example, treatment topics include finding and communicating your own boundaries, sexual techniques for improving orgasm control, G-spot exploration, pelvic floor release work, body acceptance, dealing with one’s own shame and communicating sexual desires and needs.



Bodywork is a novel and emerging form of somatic bodywork.


My job consists of two core aspects. On the one hand this is the sexology, on the other hand the somatic bodywork.
Somatic means: that which refers to the body, physically.

The term “somatic” is used primarily in medical language to distinguish physical (organic) from mental illness or functional ailments. The opposite of somatic is mental.

Simplified, one can say that in our western cultural history body and mind are understood and treated separately. As a consequence, there is a medicine which is limited to physical phenomena and forms of treatment for the mental aspects, e.g. the psycholysis. As a rule, the latter are used verbally. Bodywork tries to bring both aspects together and to understand the human being as a unit.

Somatic in this context is to be understood as the union of body and mind. This approach is by not at all new, many ancient philosophies such as Taoism, Tantra, Yoga or Zen teach this.




Topics areas

  • Fear of touch
  • Acceptance of one’s own body
  • To bring feeling into one’s own body
  • Deeper, deeper connection with your body
  • To get to know one’s own sexuality better
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Prostate problemsProblem
  • Problems with continence
  • Listlessness in sexuality
  • Orgasm problems
  • Vaginismus
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Sexual traumatization
  • Shame and timidity
  • Fear of own sexuality
  • Sex Reassignment
  • Depression, Borderline, Burn Out


Methods used in the sessions

  • Enlightenment on your own body
  • To perceive oneself
  • Breath work (how conscious breathing affects the body)
  • Touch of the body
  • Full Body Massage
  • Self-love coaching
  • Recognizing, setting and communicating boundaries
  • Pelvic floor massages
  • Mapping
  • Intimate meditation
  • Lap room cure for women
  • Intimate massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Communication in partnership and sex
  • Sex education for couples
  • Rituals and massages with approaches from the Tantric philosophy

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