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My Offers:


Discover and live your full potential

Experience yourself with full self-confidence.

You are standing at a point where you do not know any further? You want to change something, whether it’s your health, a better sexuality, accepting your own ego, or roughly your life.
Step back into your own perception.

Why are we getting sick?
What does physically ill and what does psychic mean?
What keeps me from doing what I want?
Why do not I reach my goals?
I’m in pain but nobody can help me?
I always meet the same kind of man / woman

Many of these questions and other questions come back to us again and again.
Our body speaks with us and we perceive it negatively. Let’s call it disease.

What does illness mean? It is usually the moment when the body gives you the signal that we are on the wrong path.
Often there were already symptoms and hunches that we have cleverly ignored. The body realizes that we do not want to listen to it and gives us a boost and tells us that if you do not listen to me I’ll make you listen to me. So it happens that when we need a break and ignore it, we are suddenly sick and forced to rest in bed.
Who does not know that just when we have a lot of important work to do and suddenly are sick. We are mad at our body that it does not work, and he just wants to help us and take care of us.

But not only the body worries about us but also our soul, sometimes we act completely against our actual project or we feel that something in our lives is repeated again and again. For example we attract negative people. Often unconscious beliefs and programs work here. We often do not notice when all at once our belief sets us in the way.

Transforming our beliefs, we see the world in a different perspective, and so is the way to make wonderful things happen.

Are you ready to change your life? Do you want to see the world from new angles? Change your life positively? Which become more aware of your body and your soul?

Then I look forward to accompanying you on the journey to yourself.

For an appointment, you can just write me by e-mail.
If you want to communicate your concerns right away, you are cordially invited.

Sessions take place in my practice.
It is possible to make consulting and energetic sessions by phone or Skype.

Life isn’t about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself.

How I work?

I am happy to meet every person as a whole individual, with all its weaknesses and strengths.

I work with individuals and with couples of all ages and sexes.

Consulting and Energetic sessions are also possible via Skype.
Complete sessions take place in my premises.

In the session, we look at what your topics and / or health symptoms are that you want to be transformed.

I work with different methods of holistic medicine.

From counseling sessions, meditations, massages, touch sessions, to energetic sessions and theta healing, etc.

Just write me and we’ll see what feels right for you and how I can accompany you on your journey.


Be Free

Love Yourself