Wellness Massage

Wellness Massage The wellness massage will be individually adapted to your needs. A preliminary talk is important to us so we have time to talk about the problem areas and offer you the best possible massage. You have a few minutes with us so your body can still trace, so the massage can slowly fade away and the body

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Theta Healing

What is ThetaHealing®? ThetaHealing® is an amazingly successful technique that activates one’s own self-healing powers and completely resolves inner conflicts. The brain is put into a sleep-like, meditative state to provide a novel access to the subconscious, called theta state. ThetaHealing™ was developed in the 1990s by the American Vianna Stibal. What does ThetaHealing® do? ThetaHealing® is a method that enables

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Tao Massage

Tao Massage: Tao massage is based on the Chinese philosophy of life, the Chinese Tao. It is believed that all energies in the body must flow freely and harmoniously in order for us to remain healthy and relaxed. Pure deep relaxation This massage is not so much aimed at discomfort, but more at general deep relaxation and recovery. The goal

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Fertility massage

The fertility massage according to Brigit Zart The fertility massage provides a gentle support for women who want to have children, after a miscarriage or generally problems with the female organs. But even without specific problems, women can do something good with the fertility massage. In a sheltered room, a woman can come into contact with her femininity and find

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